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Ghrelin – The Hunger Gremlin Inside

In my prior post, I discussed Leptin Resistence, how it’s linked to overeating, frequent blood sugar surges, excess fructose consumption and stress. Equally annoying is the fact that people with excess fat stores pump out plenty of leptin but their hypothalmus has become resistant and doesn’t hear it’s calling. Instead, it thinks you’re starving and sends out a SOS!, Neon News Flash! to lower your metabolic rate and increase your hunger. In addition, there’s another hot -tempered hormone wreaking havoc on your weight loss efforts –Ghrelin.

Oh…ghrelin…that little gremlin. You know this moody guy all too well. He’s the one who also makes you hungry…The one who gives you a mad case of the munchies…after you’ve eaten that healthy, clean lunch. Yep, that’s Ghrelin the Gremlin. This appetite stimulating hormone (made in the stomach) rises before meals and quiets down after meals ( Sorta) Because he’s still wreaking havoc by not permitting fat utilization to take place in some bodies…..and just give a guess which bodies I’m talking about?

You got it. Our overweight, stressed out sisters, as ghrelin is also released in response to stressful situations (which explains why so many people seem to overeat during times of stress) How sickening are those skinny gals that say “Uy! I was so upset I just couldn’t eat” Not moi, no, no, not this gal! I got gremlin going for days when I’m depressed/stressed.

Ghrelin11Gremlin 411:

An appetite increaser. He hangs out in your stomach, and when it senses that there isn’t enough food in your tummy to give you energy, he sends a message to your brain. This message is “FEED ME….FEED ME NOW…LET’S GO! …GRAB THAT GRUB! He’s a bit of a nudge about getting food into your gut ASAP and that is what can get you in a colossal conundrum with cravings.

My advise (when this grumpy hormone growls and howls )“Hello !I’m hungry…How about it sparky?” is to have your grab and go, low carb favs at the ready, to shush up his embarrassing belly, rumble grumble.

Also, you can expect ghrelin’s yellin’ every 3-4 hours so be prepared people—cause when he comes a callin’, , you’ll be ballin’ if you broke down and ate a case of carbs! What to eat? Protein and more protein and yes some beautiful fat!!!

A little low carb tortilla with some turkey, cheese, tomato and mayo ! Yes, dieter’s, way better than any of those killer carb culprits that derail your best weight loss efforts! Did you hear right? Yesiree! I love me my mayo! as it’s satiating and is absolutely fab and fine on my ketogenic protocol..

Newsflash! Many people don’t realize that the fat on their bodies  actually comes from the SUGAR they eat, NOT the fat they eat! The same is true of Cholesterol. Many peepes have high cholesterolnot because  theyr’e consuming lots of bacon or heavy fats but rather from the large quantities of refined grains, sugars and starches.

SO– dieter’s,  when you hear Ghrelin’s roar, give him more …protein and fat, and watch how your ’s will slowly disappear.

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How to Keep Ghrelin the Gremlin Quiet

Since Ghrelin the Gremlin makes it nearly impossible to get any work done in your life without wanting to scarf down everything in sight, your mission is to shush him up. You can do this simply with these tips:

  • Sleep at least 7 to 8 hours a night. Research has found lack of shut eye disrupts leptin and ghrelin levels, so get your zzzzz’s ,please!
  • Bulk up on fiber. Fiber swells in your belly and that will keep Ghrelin the Glutton feeling as though the stomach is full.
  • Eat lean protein. Lean animal protein or plant -based protein keeps Ghrelin very perky. He loves to chomp on healthy things like nuts, seeds, hummus, eggs, yogurt (greek) and very lean, meat (occasionally) It will keep you satiated for hours!
  • Drink a lot of water. Ghrelin gets confused sometimes. He may have enough food, but the lack of water is what gets Ghrelin all grouched out. So—guzzle that H2O .
  • Reduce stress in life. Ghrelin thinks he needs more energy from food when you are stressed. Reduce your stress, Reduce this bad ass’s bullying behaviorAvocados, Evoo yum! etc..
  • Give your body fats including avocados and evoo!
  • Now, you know all about Ghrelin and how to tame this testy hormone who could be hijacking your health. Go ahead and start working with him instead of against him. You may just find he is pretty easy to take care of in your pursuit of a purrrfect weight & rockin bikini bod!.

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